Best 22lr Scope for Target Shooting – 2019 Reviews and Buying Guide

The best .22lr scope is a utilitarian all-American rifle scope that is quite common among gun lovers. The popularity of this scope is attributed to its target practice, small game hunters, and its cheap and readily available ammunition.

The best 22lr scope for target shooting rifle is a great beginner’s hunting gears for youngsters. Once you fire a shot, you can maintain perfect stability and composure for a second shot.

You also have the freedom of equipping it with a scope to give you the desired pinpoint accuracy. However, choosing the best scope for shooting rifle has been a major problem for most people.

Typical scopes interfere with the view of the shooter thus making the gun less practical. You, therefore, need to find a special one that can zoom in on your target without obstructing your line of sight.

Best 22lr Scope for Target Shooting – Comparisons

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Things to Consider When Buying the Best 22lr Scope

The Construction of the Scope

Having water or fog-proof scope can save your day when the weather changes abruptly. Foggy environments usually have poor lighting which will distort your vision and undermine your shot precision.

Scope manufacturers design their products to withstand these conditions by making mono-pipe scopes. They also fill the tube with nitrogen or seal them with O-rings to filter light for optimum clarity.

As a result, you get a better illumination even when fog is lurking over your target. So, make sure to check the specifications bearing in mind the environment in which you will use your .22lr scope for target shooting.

Ease of Adjustability of the Scope

All models come with different factory settings which may not work according to your needs. You, therefore, have to set it on a calibration that matches your shooting. In addition to that, different target positions will call for different settings on the scope.

The type and size of the mounting rail may also affect the parallax settings leading to errors in your shooting. All these aspects imply that the product of your choice should support easy and quick adjustments to make up for any misalignment.

The Quality of the Optics

The optics of a scope determine how it transmits light when in use. Better optics means that you will have a clear view of your target for a perfect shot.

The environment will not always present you with the best shooting conditions as far as light projection is concerned. However, cutting-edge optics can give you a better chance of hitting your target.


Magnification determines how far you can zoom in on a target located at a distance. The most appropriate magnification for a Ruger 10/22 should be between 3x and 9x. A lower magnification will be impractical. On the other hand, a high magnification power will be a waste of resources.

magnification power

Build and Durability

Scopes can be slightly costly. Besides, it takes a lot of time to comb through the market looking for the perfect one for your rifle.

Therefore, the durability of scope is an important factor to consider. This feature is often dependent on the build material of the scope. Premium materials which have high durability are costlier than the standard ones.

Best 22lr Scope for Target Shooting

Nikon P-RIMFIRE BDC 150 Rifle Scope

Nikon is renowned for its top quality scopes. The Nikon P-Rimfire BDC 150 is no exception. It has a few subtle features that work excellently for a 22-caliber ammunition rifle. Let’s look at some of the features that make it one of the best .22lr scope for target shooting.

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Nikon P-Rimfire comes in a sleek structure forged from polymer aluminum material. It is Nitrogen-filled, and O-ring sealed to make it both fog and waterproof. A 22-caliber ammo rifle like the Ruger 10/22 requires a light, compact scope.

The Nikon Rimfire delivers just that with its small dimensions. It is 11 inches long and weighs 13.9 ounces.

The Nikon P-Rimfire scope is characterized by a BDC 150 reticle that is trajectory-specific. This provides you with open circle aiming points that deliver accuracy as from 50 to 150 yards.

Its optics are equally top-quality. Nikon uses their flagship Eco-Glass lenses that are lead/arsenic-free. The lenses are fully coated with anti-reflective compounds to minimize unwanted reflections. These features make it a piece of good equipment to use even in foggy conditions.

Another thing you will love about this scope is that its crosshairs are placed precisely in the line of vision for optimum clarity.

To make up for parallax errors, the Nikon P-Rimfire has a 50-yard Parallax setting. This aspect together with its multi-coated lenses enables the scope to work great in low light conditions.

The scope spots a 3.8-inch eye relief which is more than adequate for the .22 due to its low recoil. In most cases, you may need to reset the elevation and windage settings to zero. However, after that, there won’t be any other need for adjustments.

Nikon tailored this scope specifically for .22 caliber ammo. This is what the Ruger 10/22 uses precisely. Though the reticle of the scope was meant for hyper-velocity ammunition, you can easily make minor adjustments to make it work with the Ruger’s ammo too.

Based on these features, Nikon P-Rimfire BDC 150 qualifies as a perfect scope for the target shooting.

Nikon P-223 BDC 600 Riflescope

Are you wondering why we picked this as our second rifle scope? Yes, it is a scope you’ll love. Nikon makes fantastic rifle scopes, and this P-series is no exception. Perhaps, Nikon P-Riflescope is an industry leader with fashionable features including:

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Unlike standard reticles, Nikon P- Riflescope comes with a trendy reticle that offers open circle aiming points from 100-600 yards. This helps to increase your shooting accuracy particularly if you are using the long ranges is by using the BDC 600 reticle.

You will never worry during foggy or rainy weather as this scope is designed with fog proof and waterproof materials. The anti-reflective coating greatly improves the overall brightness of your scope. In fact, you can use this scope to spot your target from dusk to dawn, fully multicoated optics for optimum light transmission.

Well, why would you want a lightweight scope? If you are an extreme shooter, you would not want to carry a heavy weight scope all day long. If you are a long-range shooter, this scope just suits you. It has a beautiful matte finish design made from durable and lightweight aluminum material.

Believe it, Nikon BDC isn’t just like any other. Its glass lenses are designed from quality materials free from arsenic or lead compounds. Besides, it has multiple layers of anti-reflective compounds for glare-free viewing. You’ll love every bit of it high-quality, eco-friendly optical glass lenses that guarantee crystal clear and anti-glare viewing.

Nikon BDC is a rifle scope that has been passed from generation to generation. You can use it for any task right from match shooting to plinking and more. It is one of the clearest scope rifles you can find around. It won’t disappoint you in your shooting whatsoever.

Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Rimfire Reticle Riflescope

When compromising on long range accuracy is not an option then the Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 (BDC reticle) riflescope is your perfect partner!

Think of shooting sub MOA at 50 yards or achieving 1.5 MOA at 100 yards with ease thanks to the power magnification range, side parallax adjustment, and 1/4 MOA windage/elevation turrets.

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With the drop compensation capability, hitting targets over 125 yards away will soon become daily target practice shot.

Some of the key features that contribute to the unique appeal of the Bushnell Optics Riflescope include the availability of enough wiggle room and 3.7-inch eye relief. This scope is therefore ideal for varmint shooting (especially little quarry) and target shooting.

The drop Zone 22 BDC reticle works great with federal factory ammunition and hand loads. On the downside, the Bushnell Optics Drop Zone 22 comes with all the headaches of a second focal optic riflescope. This is however compensated by the target turrets that increase the shooter’s “bulls-eye” accuracy to unbelievable levels. Load development is also kindergarten easy.

The 32mm objective lens fitted on this Bushnell riflescope works more or less the same compared to the lenses found in the Leupold VX-1 3-9×40 and the Nikon BuckMasters II.

The amount of light transmitted by this lens allows for brilliant brightness throughout the 1-inch scope tube and clarity which facilitates fast focusing on targets. The lenses are fully multi-coated to reduce reflections that could compromise your stealth hunt.

This Bushnell riflescope weighs approximately 19.6 oz with a total length of 11.3 inches end to end which makes it lightweight and easy to handle. The Bushnell Optics Drop Zone-22 BDC Reticle Riflescope is built with a durable anodized (and rustproof) aluminum alloy body, and it is highly recommended for people who do lots of long-range shooting.

Vortex Optics Crossfire II 2-7X32 Plex Rimfire

In general, Vortex has some really nice low-end scopes but the Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x 32 is a complete overkill! The Crossfire II 2-7X32mm is accurate, bright and clear at 25, 50, and 100 yards which are awesome for most middle to close-range shooters.

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Being part of the Crossfire II line means that this scope shares a lot of features with the Crossfire II 4- 12x44mm Optic Scope Dead-hold BDC highlighted earlier in this review. The Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x 32mm has a 1-inch continuous tube made from a solid block of hard anodized aluminum (aircraft grade) which not only makes it strong and durable but also waterproof and shockproof.

This scope can really take a beating in the field. The O-ring sealing and Nitrogen purging make the scope fog proof which is seemingly another standard feature for scopes in this price range and class. This is basically one tough scope compared to its close competition, especially for rimfire scopes. The rugged construction handles impact and recoil pretty well.

For optimal repeat performance, the Crossfire II 2-7x 32 comes with a set of resettable 1/4 MOA (elevation & windage) turrets that are cap protected. Additionally, this scope also has is pre-adjusted for parallax at 100 yards to give you a clearer sight picture.

The Crossfire II 2-7x 32 also offers a wider range of windage and elevation adjustments with a maximum of 60 MOA (15 MOA travel for a full rotation) and 1/4 MOA clicks for precision when sighting in.

This coupled with the 42 – 12.6 feet of field view @100 yards, the fast focus eyepiece, and a long eye relief of about 3.9 inches make the Vortex Crossfire II 2-7x 32 an obvious choice for many firearm owners on a budget.

The Crossfire II 2-7x 32 has a second focal plane reticle which means the reticule’s scale stays the same. However, at full magnification, the BDC reticle hash marks appear to help you compensate your shots appropriately. Additionally, the multicoated lenses are not only anti-glare but also scratch free which is a bonus feature for this scope.

The package includes a user manual, the scope, bikini style lens covers, and a Vortex branded cleaning cloth.

Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32 mm .22 Mag Scope

The Simmons 22 Mag Riflescope is one of the most popular rimfire scopes in America. It is budget-friendly, and its functionality is unquestionable. It comes with unique features that could quickly overhaul the performance of your rifle.

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Upon purchase, the scope is delivered with a set of 3/8-inch dovetail mounting rings perfect for a .22 rifle. These ergonomic rings allow for a quick set up onto your gun.

The Simmons 511039 3 – 9 x 32 mm .22 Mag is stylishly designed making it one of the most aesthetic scopes. Even though that has little effect on the performance, it will give you a better feel when handling your rifle.

The Simmons 22 mag construction features a one-piece tube which is extremely sturdy. Consequently, it is waterproof, fog proof and shockproof. The scope is extremely lightweight. It measures 12 inches long and weighs only 10 ounces. These qualities make it easy to scope mount on a sleek rifle like the Ruger 10/22.

The Quick Target Acquisition feature gives shooters the ability to make fast, accurate shots. In addition to that, the 3.75–inch eye relief together with the parallax setting of 50 yards makes it easy to acquire targets. Shooting with the crosshairs has never been easier, thanks to the Simmons’ precise calibrations.

When game hunting, you can make use of its magnification range of 3-9x to zoom in on targets. The magnification power is also adjustable and can be improved by using a relatively oversized zoom ring. In addition to that, you have the freedom of adding fast focus eyepiece lens with a Truplex reticle to make the most out of the Simmons 22 mag(R) scope.

Another thing to love about this product is the intuitive placement of the windage and adjustment dials. However, you may find them less responsive when switching to a quarter MOA.

Simmons .22 Mag Truplex Reticle Rimfire Riflescope

If you are looking for something decent, elegant and budget-friendly, then you need to consider Simmons .22 Mag. It is packed with innovative and user-friendly features that make it distinct and highly functional.

Fully coated optics and high-quality optical glass to enhance image quality. This ruggedly built Simmons rifle scope for quick target acquisition is one feature-rich brand that delivers stunning in-game performance.

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The optics are fog-proof meaning it is not affected by adverse weather conditions. The high-quality optical glass delivers sharp and bright images. You never miss a shot.

Thanks to the SureGrip rubber surfaces and adjustments that make it simple for you to make adjustments even when you are using gloves. You can adjust and shoot in any condition and direction.

Simmons comes with custom parallax settings for easy adjustments. This provides quick target acquisition and eye pain relief thus making shooting a snap. The eyepiece provides 3.5 inches of eye relief in the whole magnification range.

If you are that on-the-go guy and have no much time to do complicated setups, then this is just right for you. It has a full set of mounting rings so that you can set up and get started. Besides, it never disappoints once you set it up. Simmons .22 Mag is the great big-game optics if you want something budget friendly for your 22lr rifle.

Tasco Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm Riflescope

The Bushnell Company is another market leader in the field of rifle scopes and viewfinders. Their Tasco Rimfire Series 3-9x 32mm scope is custom-made for .22 caliber rifles like the Ruger 10/22.

The Tasco rimfire series brings the best out of your gun in activities such as game hunting or plinking. The scope has gained popularity for its high price-to-performance ratio. It is readily available in most gun stores.

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Tasco comes in a metal alloy structure that is quite durable. The single tube design allows for its sealing against weather conditions like fog and rain. The manufacturers provide you with standard mounting rings. If you find them flimsy or inadequate for your hunting style, upgrade to better ones.

The optics and visuals of the Taco Rimfire series are exceptional. The magenta multi-layered lens coatings coupled with fully shielded optics provide excellent performance in all light settings. Its magnification is 3-9x just like the first two products on this list. However, at its price, Tasco provides a great leap ahead of other standard rifle scopes.

The magnification control dial is quite responsive for a quick and sharp focus. It has a 50-yard parallax correction that enhances your vision when performing close range shooting. The setting also gives it a spot on accuracy.

It is important to note that you may need to acquire a weaver rail to facilitate the mounting of this scope on your rifle. The standard one from Tasco may not be as durable.

BSA Sweet .22 3-9x40mm

If you need a scope to give you more bang for your buck, then the BSA Sweet 22 3-9x40mm should be at the top of your list. Though it does not have a boatload of premium features, it provides everything that the .22 rifle scope needs for an excellent performance. Below are some of its unique features worth exploring.

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The trajectory-specific calibration of this scope gives you pinpoint accuracy. Unlike the other premium products which use compensation reticles calibrated for a specific cartridge, the BSA Sweet .22 series uses adjustable target style turrets with interchangeable drums.

These are calibrated for 36-, 38-, and 40-grain .22 caliber bullets. This means that you can shoot at different distances and quickly set the appropriate range of your scope irrespective of your ammunition type. This is a new feature in most .22 rimfires.

The scope features a waterproof and fog proof body which houses several internal lenses. Its fully coated optics, a 3-9 power magnification, and a 40mm objective lens are just what you need for your .22 rifle.

These features make the BSA sweet a reliable scope for distant targeting in any weather or lighting condition. In bright daylight, for instance, the coated optics will reduce the amount of glare within the scope.

The BSA Sweet can make a good hunting scope. At fifty yards, the reticle calibrates to a quarter MOA and holds its zero. This aspect makes it quite stable for an accurate shot. A fast, low recoil rifle like the Ruger 10/22 could use such features to offer better performance.

Tasco Target/Varmint 6-24x42mm Rifle Scope

Do you love scopes with specific in-built round reticles? If you know what this means, then you would sacrifice any other brand for this one Tasco is Target and Varmint made for the .22 target rifles. It comes with a stunning design and delivers maximum durability. Whether you are a starter or an experienced shooter, here’s the deal.

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There’s nothing extraordinary like the stunning magnification offered by this scope. The 6-24x magnification is ideal for shooting while you are on the move.

The 9x is perfect if you are shooting static targets. Therefore, you can use this scope on different occasion’s right from open range to close-in bush hunting.

Alongside the beautiful design and durable construction, there is a 15-yard parallax setting. It is a range tested brand that transforms every viewing experience.

Tasco target scope is a pretty great piece for your rifle. If you are hunting for your first scope or you simply need an affordable, then this is highly recommended for you. It combines both durability and accuracy, and you can count on in any shooting experience.

Ruger 10/22 4×30 Riflescope

The Ruger 10/22 4×30 Riflescope is a great scope for beginners. If you are just starting out with the Ruger 10/22 rifle, it wouldn’t be wise to purchase powerful scopes laden with sophisticated targeting features. A simple, cost-effective one with a 100-yard shooting range would suffice.

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Therefore, the Ruger 10/22 4×30 Riflescope would be a great place to start. This scope comes with two mounting rings- one is meant for the takedown Rugger while the other is for the standard type.

It is designed in a rugged style to give it a tactical look and feel. It is also sturdy enough to withstand rough handling during its usage on the field.

The Ruger 10/22 4×30 Riflescope is quite ergonomic. Its installation is simple because you only need to bolt it onto your rifle. The compact design fits comfortably on a .22 rifle without undermining its structure and performance. Its magnification power is 4x, which is lesser than the other scopes on this list.

Its zoom is fast and provides considerable precision. With a stable low recoil rifle like the Ruger 10/22, you will barely complain about its accuracy. Consequently, its MOA adjustments are easy to control. This feature allows you to stabilize the scope for quick targeting.

However, the Ruger 10/22 4×30 Riflescope may not suit all sorts of game hunting. For instance, when hunting a target which can easily charge at you, you need a more responsive scope. Use the Ruger for target shooting or practice to exploit its full potential.

Buying Guide: Best 22lr Scope for Target Shooting

Before hitting the stores, you must have a rough idea of the designs of scope to help better your judgment. Here are the essential characteristics and trade-offs between different types of scopes.

Best 22lr Scope for Target Shooting

Should you Choose Rimfire or Centerfire?

The differences between rimfire and a centerfire are categorized based on their durability, parallax correction, and BDC reticle settings. Rimfires have lesser magnification and are more lightweight. They are a good option for close range shooting.

In essence, rimfire scopes are built to handle minimum recoil impulses as compared to their centerfire counterparts. More powerful rifles with high recoil may reduce their durability. Since the Ruger 10/22 is designed to produce little recoil, a rimfire scope is a piece of go-to equipment.

However, you could also opt for centerfires if you don’t mind the extra weight and cost. They offer better magnification for those who prefer long range shooting. For a Ruger 10/22, it would, however, be overkill.

The Features and Applications of the Scope

In your search for the perfect scope for target shooting, always keep in mind the purpose of the equipment. With rimfire scopes, reticles, magnification, and optical quality have been catered for pretty well.

For a Ruger 10/22, a subtle BDC 150 reticle, fully-coated lens, and 3-9x magnification will do the trick. You need not go for a more powerful centerfire when you can reap good qualities that a Ruger needs from a simple rimfire.

When buying scopes, it is also not wise to maximize every performance aspect of the product. You will end up with a weighty and less user-friendly rifle. This is not a good thing for a slender and swift gun like the Ruger 10/22. In fact, most people fitting it with centerfire scopes end up not exploring even half of their features.

Bottom Line

We hope that this information will help you choose the best 22lr scope for target shooting. Note that highly priced scopes may not always do the trick. Consequently, those with numerous features also tend to be weighty thus snatching the balance off of your rifle.

A 22lr scope is quite light and nimble making it ideal for all-day hunting. You wouldn’t want to fit it with a massive scope that messes up its level of comfort.

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