Abu Garcia Silver Max Review

Abu Garcia makes some quality, solid reels at a fair price and the Silver Max Low Profile Reel is no exception. It’s the perfect reel for beginners looking forward to getting into their first bait caster reels into the waters.

The Abu Garcia Silver Max Reel incorporates a compact design, updated styling and advanced ergonomics for superb performance.

Packed with some of the most elegant features and technologies the Silver Max reel delivers a perfect blend of performance and price.

Have you had a nasty experience with other reels before? Probably. I assure you the Abu Garcia Silver Max is by far the best reel you will ever get. It provides a smooth action, the trigger is easy to use, and the drag can be fine-tuned.

Abu Garcia Silver Max Review and Features

Power Disk Drag System

For smooth action and consistent performance, Abu Garcia includes their Power Disk drag system in the Silver Max.

With about 18Ibs of maximum drag pressure, the Silver Max’s drag is pretty smooth and consistent. As an angler, what more could you want in a casting reel!

MagTrax Brake System

Traditional reels can be a headache especially when it comes to casting control.

Abu Garcia incorporates its MagTrax Brake System whose main purpose is to provide consistent brake pressure throughout the cast.

Rocket Clutch Mechanism

One of the most notable advancements in the Silver Max is the Rock Clutch Mechanism.

The Rocket Clutch gives you the ability to engage or disengage the spool with only one hand. In other words, this mechanism allows for one-handed operation.

This mechanism basically eliminates the need to turn the handle while casting, making the Silver Max ideal for various fishing techniques including flipping, pitching, and back trolling.

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings and Roller Bearing

To ensure consistently smooth retrieves, the Silver Max reel consists of 5 stainless-steel ball bearings and 1 roller bearing.

The bearings basically make your angling experience comfortable and hassle-free.

Machined Aluminum Pool

The reel features a machined aluminum pool. Given the fact that aluminum is a high-strength but lightweight material, the pool gives the reel additional strength without the excess weight.

Duragear Brass Gear

Abu Garcia includes Duragear brass gearing that significantly increases winding power and extends the lifespan of the gear.

Lightweight One-Piece Graphite Frame and Graphite Sideplates

The Silver Max reel comes with a one-piece graphite frame and graphite side plates which form a lightweight, sturdy base of operation which is crucial when reeling in heavy, tough fish.

The graphite frame provides a more lightweight alternative compared to aluminum. It’s also strong and durable.

The graphite frame and side plates and brass bearing provide a smooth but connected feel when you turn the handle. And it’s 6.4:1 retrieve ratio which also ensures smooth, speedy operations.

When subjected to a rigidity test, the Silver Max does not twist out of shape or give out unusual torquing.

The reel’s graphite construction also provides a more balanced design. It’s smooth performance all the way.

Low Profile Ergonomic Design

The Abu Garcia Silver Max reel comes with a recessed reel foot. This reel foot allows for a more ergonomic reel design. The reel also provides a more ergonomic design thanks to its compact bent handle and star.

High-Density EVA Handles

You wouldn’t want to end up with painful blisters all over your palms especially when dealing with tough fish. Abu Garcia has eliminated this possibility by constructing high-density EVA handles for the Silver Max reel for extended comfort. The handles are also durable.

Flipping Switch

This superb reel also comes with a flipping switch that allows you to cast jig and plastics more swiftly.


  • Durable, lightweight construction for long-term use
  • Provides consistently smooth retrieves
  • Provides a smooth, consistent drag performance
  • Ensures precise control/ consistent brake pressure throughout cast with its brake system
  • Great strength without added weight
  • Duragear brass gear extends gear life
  • Bearings ensure smooth operation
  • Ability to engage and disengage the spool with only one hand
  • Easy-to-fish low profile ergonomic design


  • Guide at the tip is a too sharp cuts fishing line during retrieval

Final Verdict

With a consistently solid performance and a more ergonomic reel design, the Abu Garcia Silver Max is without a doubt a game changer!

The new advancements have made it extremely easy for beginners reel to operate and for the professionals to take their experience to the next level. It’s the ideal choice for practicing and the fact that it eliminates the need to turn the handle for engagement makes it a perfect choice for fishing techniques such as back trolling, pitching, and flipping.

You don’t have to break the bank to get the Silver Max. It’s one of the top performings yet affordable reels on the market.

Have the best fishing experience with Abu Garcia’s Silver Max Low Profile Reel.

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