Wooden Drill Bits – Types and Uses

Wooden Drill Bits – Types and Uses


Are you planning to build a tree house? Or, are you planning to make some wooden architecture to present it to your loved ones? Then sure some people would hire some expert for this job; whereas, others will have a habit of making such things for their loved ones their own. Though you hire an expert or take up the tasks on your own the end point or the main point here is, you want to present or build something awesome for your loved ones.

Wooden Drill Bits – Types and Uses

Use of a Wooden Driller

For building up such architecture, you cannot just get the help of some nails and hammer alone. Something that could be perfect and professional is needed; and sure, the wooden drill press is the one who is going to help you for that.

Pros in Using Wooden Drill Press

When you use a wooden drill press, you will be able to get the following output.

  • Perfection in work – Yes, you can always expect a perfect work from a drill press as it is a tool designed with higher engineering knowledge.
  • Smooth and desired holes – When compared to a hammer and nail holes, using a drill press the works would be much simpler; that too with your desired idea.
  • Holes that don’t leave any crack – You can find some cracks along the holes when it made through hammer and nail. But, using a drill press, you can expect error-free holes.
  • Holes made according to the needed diameter – You can drill the holes with your desired diameter by following proper procedure and using correct diameter drills.
  • Holes made with very less time – Of course, it is a time-saving device too.

Different Drill Bits Types and Advantages

Talking about drill press and its benefits may be interesting; but, the keen and clear outcome of the drill press lies only in the hands of a drill bit. Yes, you may find it to be puzzled; but, technically it is true.

Especially for drill bits for wooden materials, there are many types. Each has its functionality. Vanadium alloy plays a major composition in the making of drill bits for wooden materials.

Wooden Drill Bits – Types and Uses

Some of the standard drill bits used for wooden structures are the Auger drill bit, the Forstner drill bit, the Brad point drill bit and Nail Bit drill bit.

There are also bits which differ on their shapes too; like, the spiral bit which has the main function of emitting out the drilled wooden pieces while drilling.

Some important points are to be noted with Different Drill Bits Types and Advantages:

  • The Forstner Bits: Can be mainly used while making holes for door hinges. These bits can be fixed either in lathes or even in the drill press.
  • Wood Auger Bit: These are specially designed for thick wooden boards and beams. Just make sure that bits of this kind are used only in a drill press and never in late.
  • Flat Wood Bit: Used under the hands of the powerful drilling machine and plays a significant role in drilling large holes for some bolt fixing.
  • Spur Point Wood Drill Bit: Used mainly for high-speed drilling and when handled with extra knowledge, can be used on plastics too.

Points to Note in Drill Bits

Some important points are to be noted with the drill bits.

  • Always look for the sharpness of the bits as a blunt bit has a higher possibility of causing damaged; both on itself and to the wood also.
  • The next key point is the angle; here we call it as lip angle of the bits. The drilling pressure, either to be aggressive or to be controlled depends upon this.
  • Choose the exact drill bit for your desired hole (upon the diameter). This would help your drill bit and press machine for long last life.

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