Best Tips For Your Drill Press

Using a Drill Press and Getting Better Results


Drill Press

Technically, it is an Engineering tool used to make holes (called as drills) over any wooden, concrete or steel surfaces with minimum effort and getting maximum efficiency. On the other hand, drill presses are machines used for making drills as we required in common language.

Before getting deep into the subject, I would like to give you the exact outline of how a drill press works.

Working of a Drill Press

A drill press device consists of a high rpm (rotation per minute) motor fixed inside, which is found to be the most important in the whole device. This motor gives its hand to a clutch which further holds a drill bit. When the motor run at high rpm, the fixed drill bit also rotates along and thus when pressed on a surface it makes a drill. Drill bits or not like ordinary tools; these are manufactured with higher engineering knowledge such that it makes drills as per the needed diameter.

Now, we will learn how to use the drill bit in an efficient way so that maximum efficiency can be expected.

Choose Smaller Bits Before Larger Ones

Yes, this is one important aspect that you have to keep in mind before starting to drill. For example, if you want to make a drill of 6 mm diameter, you cannot start the machine immediately with the same measured drill bit. If done, sure the drill bit would be damaged and apart from that the user will be in high danger too.

To avoid this, it is advisable to start the drills with smaller diameter bits (i.e.); start the drill with 2 mm diameter bit, and then further enlarge it using a 4mm bit, and finally use the 6 mm bit to get the best result in a safe way.

Make Sure About Your Holding Angels

It could be another significant aspect for getting a perfect drill. Always hold the drill press at right angles to the surface (perpendicular to the surface) for getting a straight hole. Here, consider making a larger hole; then you should be very clear that all the drill bits (smaller mm to the final larger mm) are held at the same angle.

It is possible to make holes in different angles also. That purely depends upon the user’s requirement and the product’s design.

Choose Different Propertied Drill Bit For Different Use

As we know, the drill press can make holes on woods, concrete, and steel or iron pieces too. Accordingly, the drill bits are manufactured with different properties materials like high-speed steel, mild steel, cobalt, carbide, etc. Each has its use you can find that is user manual.

Using a Drill Press and Getting Better Results

Choosing the right material for making drills on a respective surface will be highly appreciable.

Cross Check The Angle of Drill Bit

When the drill bit is fixed within the clutch, it would be highly advisable to cross check the angle after tightening the bit into the hands of the clutch. The drill machine and tools are designed in a way that there won’t be any error in angle; but, trust me nothing is 100%.

For checking this, there is no special instrument. But, just a visual check is more than enough to get a better outcome and safeguard our types of machinery too.

Last But Not last – Safety

Even though safety is listed at last, but it always holds the number 1 priority. You should follow safety tips very strictly while operating such high-speed machines.

Some important safety rules are:

  • Be always wear a glove; but, never a loose one
  • Never wear loose clothes.
  • Protect your eyes wearing standard goggles.

I hope this article would have helped giving an overview for using a drill press. Always, start with the last point –the safety, and continue with the rest to get the best outcome a drill press machine.

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