Step By Step Process To Make Spindle Sanders for the Drill Press

Step By Step Process To Make Spindle Sanders for The Drill Press


Do you have any spindle sander? If your answer is negative, then, you will have two options. One is to go to the store and purchase a spindle sander. Or, you can make a spindle sander for the drill press using a tool.

Today, we will show you the way to make spindle sanders for drill press in a short time. We are going to provide you the step by step process to complete.

Step By Step Process To Make Spindle Sanders For The Drill Press

Step – 1

First of all, you will need to take heavy wood to cut some drums. You will need to use a whole saw drill for cutting the drums. Three drums are enough to make a good spindle sander.

Step – 2

Now you will need to apply glue to the drums. You will need to use the vice and apply good quality glue for wooden materials. Also, you will need to wait for some while till it dries.

Step – 3

In this step, you will need to apply screw, washer, and bolt to the drums. Make sure that the glue is properly dried and the drums are attached to each other very nicely. Always pick the right drill press size of the screws to attach it properly. Moreover, you will need to tight it so hard to get good service.

Step – 4

Do the drums have any bump? If yes, then, you will surely need to remove the bumps. In this case, you will need to use the drill press and sand it for removing the bumps. In this case, make sure you have applied the things properly till there is no bump left.

Step By Step Process To Make Spindle Sanders

Step – 5

Now it’s time to make ready the drums to attaching the sand paper. In this case, sand the drum and cut using a groove where you will attach the sand paper.

Make sure you are not cutting very deep for attaching the sand paper. Cut a slight is enough to glue the paper.

Step – 6

Now apply glue to the groove cut area and put the sand paper into place. Then, apply glue to the sand paper and wait for a while to be dry.

Make sure you have cut the sand paper according to the size of the drums. Otherwise, you may need to cut the sand paper after lapping. That could be difficult for you!

Step – 7

When you are applying the sand paper and lapping over the drums, you will need to make it slowly. Moreover, you should not overlap the sand paper.

Most of the people use to overlap the sand paper over the drums that are not good practice. In fact, this could damage the efficiency level of the spindle sanders.

Step – 8

Complete lapping the drums and cut extra part. Then, keep it in a dry place and wait for drying fully.

Step – 9

It is the time to test what you have made by following the steps! Attach the spindle sander. Take some scraped woods and have a test for the sander. Surely, this will work properly as you want if you follow our process properly.

Note: This is important to choose the thick woods for creating the drums. Otherwise, you may need to create more than three drums. If you want to make along spindle sanders, then, you will need more drums to cut.


Now, this is your turn to make the spindle sanders for the drill press. You will surely make the best quality sanders within a short time. In this case, you will need to choose the right quality glue, sand paper and wood for cutting the drums from. Otherwise, your created spindle sanders will not support you for a long time work.

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