Royale Herb Grinder

Royale Herb Grinder Review


If you are in the market for a high-quality grinder to grind your herb, then you ought to try the Royale herb grinder with pollen catcher and pollen press. The latter is a large four compartment grinder made from high-grade aluminum. But despite its size, the royal grinder is fairly light. This Royale Herb Grinder Review helps to find your best grinding experience.

The entire grinder weighs a meager 5.6 ounce and fits perfectly on your palms. Though, it is relatively pricey compared to other grinders out there; this grinder will be worth every dollar you spend on it So what makes the Royal Grinder such an exquisite piece of equipment?


Features of the Royale Herb Grinder Review


For starters, the royal grinder is made of high-quality CNC aluminum, which is the same aluminum material used in making aircraft. Thus, you get a grinder of superior quality that will serve you for years.

Furthermore, since the grinder is made of aluminum and not plastic. You do not have to worry about tiny pieces of plastic contaminating your herb over time Royale.

Grinding efficiency

As already stated in the introductory paragraph, the Royal grinder is a four compartment grinder, which means that the grinding of any herb is fine and consistent. Also, the grinder features square shaped peppercorn crushable teeth that do not dent easily.

The grinder has no blind spots and is equipped with powerful neodymium magnets, meaning that whatever you feed it to grind it will grind. Therefore, the Royal Grinder is one of the best if not the best grinder you can ever get yourself.

This is beneficial as it reduces wastage of pollen. The pollen press or catcher is a complimentary accessory that comes with the grinder.

Design and Construction

The strong body of the Royale Herb Grinder looked smooth and crafted to perfection. Despite it having a diameter of 2.5 inches, the grinder fits well in the palm of your hand. Moreover, the ergonomic grip adds to its impressive craftsmanship. The large size of the grinder is beneficial as it allows for storage of Herbs inside the herb grinder itself.


• Comes with a complimentary pollen press
• Has no blind spot
• Grinds herbs of all kinds
• Is a four layer grinder
• Lightweight Is easy to use


• Is expensive compared to other grinders?

Features at a Glance

• Complimentary pollen press
• Easily fits the palm of your hand
• Milled from Ultra-Strong
• Sturdy pollen press available

In conclusion, the Royale Grinder is ideal for grinding tobacco, medicinal herbs, coffee, and spices. Also, as with all other grinders, this grinder can be used to grind marijuana either for medicinal or leisure purposes.

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