Guide to Set up Your Drill Press

Quick Guide to Set up Your Drill Press


Excited about getting your drill press up and ready and start your work right away? Just hold for a bit. It is quick guides that will help you set up your drill press safe and sound and get you going in few easy steps. There are few things that matter when using a drill press.

Here you go following the step:

Getting Started

Preparing Your Surroundings

Working in a safe environment is more important than you think it is. Your work environment will not only determine your efficiency but will also determine how long you will stay away from occasional accidents.

Check out the following factors about your work environment:

  • Keep your equipment in a place where all the necessary tools can be easily reached.
  • Remember to position your drill press in such a way that you can handle any work-piece on it.
  • Leave sufficient space around it to ensure ease of movement.
  • Also, consider locating your equipment nearby storage area.


Different types of drill presses come with various types of support. It is important that you pay attention to your support to avoid potential accidents.

Quick Guide to Set up Your Drill Press

  • Consider buying steel supports for bench type drill presses.
  • Apart from safety, you will also find better work experience on good support.
  • There are different techniques to secure your support. If you have a wooden floor, you can use lag bolts to strengthen the foundation of your support.
  • For concrete floors, masonry bolts are recommended.

Before you run your equipment, be sure to note that proper power supply is provided. Remembering the following points might save you from equipment failure:

  • Check the power rating of the drill press. It will give you an idea about safe operating conditions and required a power supply.
  • Use separate electric circuit for your power equipment. It will keep you on the safe side and is considered a best practice.
  • Make proper use of fuse and protective electrical appliances.
  • If you are using an extension cord, make sure proper grounding is provided. Verify that the card has required the electrical rating.
  • Do not forget to ground your drill press to prevent yourself from electric shock.
  • Consider using power quality equipment to ensure the voltage quality of power supply. Low voltage levels often damage the motors.


Proper Care Can Go A Long Way!


A drilling press undergoes a lot of heat and pressure due to its work as moving parts constantly surround it. Friction and heat can cause wear and tear on your equipment and decrease the life of your drill press.

Understand the following points while lubricating:

  • Refer to owner’s manual for the lubrication methods that are suitable for your drill press.
  • Make sure to clean the drill press after each use. Remove dirt from slots, grooves, belts and pulleys.
  • Make proper use of machine oil to avoid rusting.

Proper Work Conditions

  • Overworking the drill press will damage its motors and cause the equipment to malfunction.
  • The temperature of the work environment can have a serious impact on the equipment. In cold conditions, metals tend to become brittle. Avoid direct impact with hard tools. The motor can overheat in hot conditions.

Regular Check of Parts

  • Regularly check spindle and belt for wear and tear.
  • Check the raising and lowering mechanism of the drilling press regularly.
  • Keep the chuck clean.

Safety Guidelines

It’s Always Better to Be Safe!

You should always take safety measures while handling power tools. Drilling machines can invite serious injuries if not handled properly. Always follow the safety guidelines.

  • Make sure you wear safety glasses while working.
  • Ensure proper electrical protection.
  • Do not try to give support to the equipment by hand.
  • Always maintain focus while working with power equipment.
  • While cleaning, use a brush instead of your hands.
  • Avoid loose clothing while using turning tools.
  • Do not place tools on the drilling table.

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