Make a Drill Press Sanding Drum

Make a Drill Press Sanding Drum Following Easy Techniques


Hello Everybody,

2-3 weeks back my buddies helped me a fantastic birthday celebration present: a large, durable and effective drill press. The moment I put together this I realized that could happen to be a memorable event to obtain my fingers unclean and make something! I made the decision to create quite some particular sanding drums to utilize along with the best drill press to improve edges.

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Consumption of power tools is included right here, therefore, please spends optimum interest and get correct safety measures, in purchase to prevent harming your tools and even, totally doing harm to you. I understand all of us heard alerts like these types of lots of occasions, but we have been not provided substitutes for our parts of the body, therefore: significantly better risk-free helps you not to be sorry.

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Right now, a few proceed to enjoy!

Stage One: Tools and Materials

This particular build up is ideal for a newbie, simply because I utilized inexpensive, easily obtainable materials and even easy methods, but it may be very helpful for everybody.

To begin with, you will require some woods. Still, I utilized a few scraps of eighteen millimeters in thickness pine panels. I experienced putting around, but I trust the wooden is not important, neither is the width.

Easy Methods to Make a Drill Press Sanding Drum Following Easy Techniques

After that, you will require a stainless steel rod or even another thing permitting you to chuck drums into your drill press. Therefore, I made use of an M8 threaded rod. Through the method, you may use a stiffer rod, or perhaps a long bolt, or possibly other things that may match the objective.

  • Washers and Nuts
  • Glue for wood
  • Sand papers
  • Various size hole saws
  • Random applications

Stage Two: A certain amount of sawdust

Each of our particular sanding drums is going to be manufactured from various stacked disks. Therefore, my drums finished becoming nearly nine centimeters in height, even though you may not be perhaps half that could happen to be sufficient. Also, we possess to create these types of disks utilizing a hole saw. Size is very irrelevant; I chose a sixty-five and a forty five millimeter hole-saw.

Whenever you understand this carried out, begin gluing each of the disks with each other, utilizing PVA glue. Disperse a few on each edge, and after that join the particular disks until you achieve the elevation, you would like. After that clamps everything and allows the glue to become dried out. Be cautious not really to utilize a lot of pressure whenever clamping, or even you will certainly press out an excessive amount of glue, obtaining a less strong bond.

In case, you personal but less-than-perfect quality hole saws (such as I truly do) you may need to correct your drums upward slightly, to generate these as vertical and as square as you possibly can. The larger drum had not been as well tough. Therefore, I simply chucked this into the particular drill press and then sanded this along with sixty grit sandpaper along with a sanding prevent. Small one needed somewhat much more perform. I utilized a drill lathe block so that I can switch it, smoothing this out along with a chisel, and after that, I processed this with the help of sand papers.

Stage Three: At this point, get ready for Rod!

While you look forward to glue to put, you may get ready the particular rods, which will keep the drums. You could make this kind of rod in a number various methods, but for me, the fastest one appeared for being this particular: I required a good M8 threaded rod and trimmed this to size. After that, I screwed the main drums on the rods which I experienced trim and stuck all of them along with washers and nuts.

This task might finish right here, but I made the decision to proceed a small additional perhaps it is straightforward and me, but I had been scared which, along with continuous utilize, threads might chunk into my chuck, destroying this. This is the reason why I submitted threads from the component of each rod that is chucked. I additionally submitted sleek each sharpened side.

Stage Four: Include sandpaper

At this stage, we have been nearly carried out; all of us simply need to glue each of our sandpaper. Anyhow, I believe it can be much better to get one much more safety measure, to avoid sandpaper through sliding whenever drums move. Along with the accompanied by a square, track a line through top-bottom of the drums, attempting to allow it to be because straight because you may. Clamp the drums within a vise, after that, utilizing a hacksaw. Create a thin trim alongside that line, having to pay interest to position the particular saw blade in the direction of the opposing path of your current drill’s rotating method.

Right now trim a strip of sandpaper broad sufficient to include your current drum, and even lengthy enough to cover this totally and then overlap several millimeters. Disperse glue on one drum in a time, place one ending of sandpaper, and strip in the particular slot you simply trim and cover firmly. I utilized a few strong rubberized bands to keep papers towards the drum whilst glue tends to be dried out.

What stands to perform now could be eliminating rubberized bands and also have enjoyable with the brand new self-made sanding drums.


Whilst it about time to substitute exhausted sandpaper strip, simply warm up by using a heat gun until glue melts once again and then substitute along with a whole new strip.

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