Importance Factors When Buying a Drill Press

Importance Factors When Buying a Drill Press


These are important factors that need to be considered before the purchase of a drill press. Money is not the number one factor or even a deciding element in the buying process of drill press as you can see from the following list. These key points will help you make a wise choice.

Things You Should Consider Before Buying a Drill Press


It doesn’t matter how much money you are willing to shell out to buy a best drill press. The first important factor you should consider is how much space you are willing to reserve for your drill press.

Space, you see, is the most deciding factor. Based on your space availability you can decide between a benchtop drill press and a floor drill press. Bench drill press takes less space compared to floor models. These can be mounted directly on the workbench.

The steel column of the drill press has a different height corresponding to floor or bench press. Floor drill press model is more durable and features more power compared to bench press models. Floor models are more expensive. The downside is the large space required.

In short,

  • Choose bench press model if you want to provide less space for your drill press
  • Go for floor drill space if larger space is available in your workshop


Power offered by drill press determines the type of work you can accomplish with it. There are many models available with different power capacity. Generally, Floor models offer more power compared to bench top models.

  • Following are the important points to remember before deciding the required power of your drill press:
  • What is the type of job you usually perform? Is it continuous, heavy or occasional, light job?
  • What kind of material do you use?
  • Do you regularly drill at angles or just perform simple drilling?
  • What is the space you can afford for your drill press?

The floor drill press models feature motor of higher horsepower compared to bench top models. Usually, floor models vary in power from 0.5 HP to 0.75 HP. The bench press model has power between 0.25 HP to 0.33 HP.


Proper speed setting is essential for performing drilling jobs with a drill press. Different types of materials need different speed settings of the drill press to be drilled. For example, if you are working on wood, you would need medium or high speed whereas metal requires lower speed.


  • If you are frequently using different types of materials, then consider buying a drill press with more speed settings
  • Bench press models offer moderate speed settings than those provided by floor models

Thus, floor standing models can drill through thicker materials due to their higher speed. They also provide longer strokes. The speed of the spindle is available in wide range, from less than 200 rpm to more than 3,500 rpm.

Special Needs

There are special types of drill press available nowadays. These offer unique features. For example, consider a radial drill press. It allows you to tilt the head of the drill press to allow for angled drilling while keeping your table and work space flat. It provides longer swing than standard drilling press.

Importance Factors When Buying a Drill Press

Consider this:

  • Do you need a lot of angled drilling?
  • Do you handle very large items frequently?
  • Do you have large power needs?
  • Are you ready to shell out extra bucks to get these features?

Magnetic drill press offers the coveted combination of portability and power. A radial drill press is ideal for specialty operations. These models offer great features but are very expensive compared to standard models.


A cordless drill press is a very valuable tool and is worth every penny spent on it. But you need to consider what you can afford. Great features come with increased cost.

However, consider this as a one-time investment. Determine the type of drill press you need by considering the factors mentioned earlier. The price varies with manufacturers.

Additional accessories can also add more functionality to your drill press. Try to achieve the balance between features offered and cost of accessories.

Bottom Line

There are different models of drill press available in the market. You can choose the one that suits your needs most by considering factors such as space required, speed, power, special features, and price.

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