Best Grinder for Kief

Best Grinder for Kief


There are many kief grinders in our market today, but how many works exactly like the manufacturers say? While most of these grinders for kief are hype, you can get the best grinder for kief by separating the wheat from the chaff. You want a grinder that grinds your kief to the smoothest texture possible.

Therefore, you will need a kief grinder with sharp teeth and one with consistency. The best kief grinder should be able to fit well and grind tightly and smoothly, has no spills and uses a little effort.

Watch this excellent video and learn how to get a lot more kief from your grinder. This video improves your grinding experience about kief grinder.

How to Choose the Best Grinder for Kief

Like I said, you have to separate the wheat from the chaff. You can only do this by having some tips on how to choose the best grinder for kief. Here are some very vital tips to consider when choosing the best grinder for kief

What Is The Grinder Made Of?

Grinders are either:

  • Acrylic
  • Wooden or
  • Metalic

Acrylic grinders are the cheapest but are known to break easily. Wooden grinders look very appealing but don’t grind evenly and are mostly available in one chamber.

Aluminum kief grinders are the best grinders. You will find that have the titanium coating that makes the grinder more durable. These grinders also come with several chambers.

Number Of Chambers

Grinders for kief come with different number of chambers, ranging from

  • One chamber which has two parts
  • Two chambers with three pars and
  • Three chambers with four parts.

Grinders with four parts come with a screen that allows you to collect kief that falls off the bud. This screen puts the kief into its own chamber where it is saved up and stored. This chamber is known as the kief chamber.

Kief is very amazing when smoked. If you need to smoke kief, then you will require a grinder with four parts.

How Will You Use The Grinder?

Do you want kief or not? Are you keen on making hash? Or do you just want to smoke? The number of chambers in a herb grinder determines the degree of fineness you produce. If you want just to smoke, you can opt for the one chamber grinder.

The two-chamber grinder is ideal for those who want to grind and vape or smoke. However, for those keen on details, a three chamber grinder is the best. This grinder is able to collect kief on a screen attached to the grinder. With kief, you can make hash and enjoy the superbly fresh kief.

Recommended Best Grinder for Kief

Now that you know what to look out for when buying the best grinder for kief let me take you through the top 5 grinders for kief 2017. These brands have curved out a niche in the market due to their outstanding performance over a long time. These are the brands to go out for and you will surely have separated wheat from the chaff.

Keif Katcher – Best Large 4 Piece Black Aluminum Herb Grinder

Made from the super strong aircraft aluminum, Kief Katcher Herb Grinder guarantees you smooth and consistency grinding. It comes with razor sharp teeth and the screens are super tight. I love the fact that it produces the finest powder possible and is a darling for hash and kief smokers like me.

It is a three chamber four parts that allow me to collect and store kief.

Feature at a Glance

  • This grinder comes with a powerful fluff grip
  • Grinds your herbs in no time
  • The excellent pollen filter prevents spills
  • Making grinding process neat and clean
  • This grinder is very durable

Shtriker Herb Grinder

I will use three words only to best describe shtriker herb grinder– sturdy, durable and elegant. This grinder is a zinc alloy constructed monster that gives you the finest powder. Powerful, efficient and smooth grinding.


The magnetic lid makes it best for closure; the CNC made diamond shaped teeth are durable, massive and compact.

Feature at a Glance

  • Powerful magnetized lid
  • Diamond-shaped teeth
  • Super sharp teeth
  • Has O-ring between third and fourth layers
  • Offer you flawless grinding

Tiger Crush 2.5 Inch 4-piece Metal Herb Weed Grinder

The Tiger Crush 2.5 inch 4-piece metal herb weed grinder is probably the most effective three chamber grinder on the market in 2017. Made 100% from premium-grade zinc allow, this might the most durable kief grinder available.

This grinder into four parts is perfectly meshing to grind the fruits of your labor to the finest quality. I loved its light weight which enabled me to hold it with ease and more around with it.

Feature at a Glance

  • This grinder has sharp, strong teeth for durability
  • Made of zinc alloy
  • Three chambers makes it possible to grind fruits and herbs
  • Finest powder while allowing you to collect kief
  • Mesh screen; pollen falling off the bud is collected

Golden Gate Grinders

The Golden Gate Grinder 4-piece anodized small kief grinder is made from high-quality metals just like its bigger brothers in the chain. This 1.5-inch grinder is designed for those who prefer small sizes that are easily held and carried.

It is 100% aircraft grade aluminum made by CNC.

What fascinated me most with this small size grinder is the fact that despite its small size, it didn’t fall short of doing the excellent job of grinding my herbs and producing the finest powder and kief.

  • Sharp all metal teeth
  • Grinder features 23 aircraft grade aluminum teeth
  • High quality magnetized lid
  • Eliminates the danger of spilling
  • Powerful enough to grind your herbs to collect kief.

Weed & Herb Grinder with Pollen & Kief Catcher

Weed & Herb Grinder with Pollen & Kief Catcher is a must have the home appliance that features a 4-piece high-quality construction. This EZEE grinder is made from aerospace aluminum which makes it a very durable machine. I found it easy to turn and twist due to the inclusion of a glide ring and a magnetic lid.

I also found the anodized aluminum finishing ideal to ensure it remains non-toxic. It features a base tray and scraper that collects pollen or kief and features odor control so that your powder and kief is odorless.

Feature at a Glance

  • Affordable
  • Despite it coming with high quality features
  • Amazing built, it is moderately priced
  • One year guarantee and free replacement.

Final Verdict

If you want the best grinder for kief to go for the golden gate grinders. I recommend this brand due to its high performance despite its small size. It is very portable and has as well been many users choice.

For durability, Keif Katcher tops the list as its aircraft grade aluminum construction gives its teeth power to fluff your herbs with ease. The magnetic lead adds to this strength too and makes this grinder unyielding.

If you put your finances into consideration and want a grinder that you can buy without a sweat, then go for the Shtriker herb grinder.

It’s now up to you to choose the right grinder for kief for you. Personally, I recommend golden gate grinder. I own one that has given me excellent service and the good time, and I always carry it around. However, this is just a personal view.

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