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Best Band Saw Reviews


Band saw are one of the most popular tools in woodworking shops these days. These are widely used in furniture manufacturing shops. This device is used to cut various materials like as, wood, glass, metal etc.

We all know, when it comes to woodwork, there are a lot of difficult situation. The top tool choice is a Best Band Saw. It can complete the job with satisfactory precision and speed whether it is wood, metal or anything else. There are many types and models of band saws available in the market.

Best Band Saw Reviews

It makes tough for you to choose the perfect one for you. It is very important to read band saw reviews purchase the right band saw if you want to fulfill your working needs.

Rikon 10-305 – Best Band Saw for the Money

Are you a woodworker and are looking for a heavy duty band saw with a limited budget? The Rikon 10-305 band saw can be used for both heavy and light jobs. You can do some heavy-duty tasks such as re-sawing and also some light work like as cutting plywood too.

If you have been a user of the larger band saws, this model can save a lot of time while doing smaller jobs as no time is required to change the blades. So you can do all types of the woodwork in minimal time. There are also a lot of home projects you can try with this band saw.

Like as building a tree house, making a dog kennel, fixing a see-saw etc. This device is also very durable and has 5 year manufacturer warranty.

This is also one of the best versatile band saws available in the market as it has unique blades. There is a 1/8 inch blade which enables powerful scroll cutting. On the other hand, the 1/2 inch offers heavy duty work such as re-sawing.

Rikon 10-305 Bandsaw with Fence Features

Let’s go deep inside to discover the amazing features of this band saw:

Easy Removal System

The Rikon 10-305 Band Saw is equipped with an easy to remove system unlike other band saws. So there is no chance of twists or bending during assembling. So the risk of breaking blades is very low.


10-305 model of band saw from Rikon is built in such a way which ensures its durability. Most of the models in the market offer a blow moulded plastic body but this has a solid steel frame.

The table is made of a complete cast iron piece and the motors are of cast aluminum. The wheels are well balanced too and so there is less vibration and noise when you operate the band saw.

1/3 HP Motor

This band saw has a 1/3 HP motor which makes the device versatile. It allows to do a variety of jobs. Smaller blades make tricky jobs easier and the larger ones can do tough jobs easier. These can be done only when there is a high powerful motor. So this band saw can perform both types of work as it has a very high quality motor.

Adjustable Guide Post

The guide post of this band saw can be adjusted depending on your job. This is done with the help of a pinion mechanism and clever rack with a locking screw. This also means that the post can be lowered and it will not fall on the table or your hands when it is loosened.

Plastic Knobs

There are some plastic knobs too which are very easy to use. You can use them to align blades, guide rack height and for many other adjustments.

You can twist all the knobs by hand which reduces the time it takes for searching tools. This feature is very useful when a change of a job is needed.

Toggle Switch

There is also a toggle switch which ensures that the machine is not turned on by mistake. All the guides are with roller bearings too. The top and bottom of the working area features Roller Bearings. These help to align the blades smoothly while operating the band saw. You can also make micro adjustments on the alignment rollers so that the blade runs efficiently.

Long Time Warranty

This band saw from Rikon 10-305 band saw has a long five years warranty. This machine is also very easy to set up. So this is ideal for people who are using a band saw for the very first time.


  • This device is made of solid steel which makes this durable.
  • Easy remove mechanism
  • Adjustable guide post
  • It has 1/3 HP motor which makes the band saw versatile
  • Toggle switch, which avoids accidental turn on/off
  • Easy to use plastic knobs


  • Elegant design
  • Cleaner dust collection
  • Durable
  • Versatility
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Easy to operate


  • Needs very high quality blade if the first one is worn out.
  • Takes a bit long to set up for the first time.

For whom it is?

Though it requires a long time to set up, it is a product which will keep you satisfied for many years. A portable or smaller band saw may not provide the same durability that the Rikon 10-305 does.

If you buy a smaller device, and when you get to tackle some harder and tougher jobs, you may find out that the machine is not sufficient to your working needs. As this machine can take up both types of jobs, this is ideal for people who have to do different types of tasks.

This device has both smaller and larger blades. The smaller blades make irregular cuts easier. This also works on light metals so it is a great deal for auto enthusiasts who like to style own cars. This machine is also an ideal one for amateur wood workers as it is smooth and great to operate in the garage.

Final Thoughts

The Rikon 10 ensures the flexibility that a bench-top provides as well as the capability of heavy sawing. This device is obviously worth your money and is one of the best products among competition. So don’t hesitate to grab this model and make it a perfect tool for your garage.

DEWALT DWM120K – Best Portable Band Saw

The DEWALT DWM120K is a portable band saw which is packed up with a lot of exciting features. One of the most important advantages is its adjustable blade tracking and speed.

This machine is specially designed to make woodworking enjoyable and easy. This device is full of benefits which boost its ease of use and dependability. It is manufactured by one of the top brands of the industry.

If you are looking for a portable band saw, you should consider this one as it is a great product.

A band saw is a very useful tool when we are in need to make things from wood, metal etc. This tool usually comes in a huge size which you have to place in the corner of your garage.

Some of the models are even body-sized. This device remains still though we move materials through the blade. But most of us don’t know that there are some portable versions of band saws too.

The DEWALT DWM120K is a handy kit which can cut up to 5-inch deep cuts. This tool is lightweight but still it is strong enough to take out really tough jobs.

As this is a complete band saw kit, so it not only includes the tool, it also includes a blade, a hex wrench and a box too.

This makes it extremely easier for you to carry this tool anywhere you need to. This model can be operated completely manually and you can enjoy some benefits which you used to get in professional quality band saws.

DEWALT DWM120K 10 Amp 5-Inch Deep Cut Portable Band Saw Review

Powerful Motor

There is a 10-amp motor in this device with variable speed controls. One interesting fact is that, even some non-portable band saws do not have the feature of variable speed.

This benefit is usually found in the most expensive cutting tools. So it is amazing to find this feature in the DEWALT DWM120K portable band saw kit. The motor speed starts from 100 sfm and maximum up to 350 sfm.

There is also a dial which allows you to control the speed precisely according to your working requirements.

Deep Cut Capacity

This model of band saw has a deep cut capacity which is 5 * 4.75 inches for rectangular materials such as planks and 5 * 5 inches for round stuff like as pipes.

Long Lasting Blades

This band saw from DEWALT features amazing blade tracking. This ensures proper alignment and wears the blade slower compared to other blade saws.

This will help you save a lot of your precious time and money too. In case of changing the blades, it is very simple: you just need to use the fast and easy lever ones.

Easy to Handle

There is a soft grip on the back handle which is pleasing to hold. The band saw is also very well balanced, so it is extremely easy to hold it. There is also a large handle in the front which can be adjusted to a number of directions.

This is not only great for making accurate cuts, but also enables you to use the band saw with the most comfortable handling position.


The DEWALT DWM120K is equipped with rubber guards and its body is made of solid steel. This ensures that the tool is long-lasting and tough too. So, even if you drop it, its strength will help it to survive with the least damage.


LED Light

This model features a LED light too which makes it easier for you to work even of darker working areas. The bulb is situated on the right side of the saw which makes it really safer and effortless. Now no more worries of working in dark locations!


  • Excellent blade tracking adjustment
  • Dual-bearing blade guide rollers
  • Ease of handling
  • Variable speed
  • Well balanced


  • Regular maintenance is required, otherwise metal parts will erode.
  • Extra blades should be bought at the time of purchase.

For whom it is?

This band saw from DEWALT is perfect for those who have to carry the tool to a number of places for construction-related jobs. But it is also great for those who do not have to carry around the band saw.

This device is suitable for both groups as the features and benefits make it a really delightful product. This tool is also suitable for beginners because its features are extremely easy to understand and is simple to operate too compared to other band saws.

Feature at a Glance:

  • Deep cut capacity: 5* 5 inches for round materials and 5 * 4.75 for rectangular ones.
  • It has a powerful motor with speed control
  • The blades are long lasting
  • Ergonomic features: There is a grip on the back handle which is very pleasing to hold. A long handle is also there at the front which can be adjusted to a lot of directions. Overall, the band saw is very easy and comfortable to handle.
  • The design is durable: The machine is made of steel and it also features rubber guards. Even if you drop it, it can survive with minimal damage.
  • Hang Hook: This machine has a built-in hook which enables you to hang it wherever you want.
  • LED Light: This band saw features a bright LED light which makes the cutting line clearly visible. So you can also use this machine in dark places.

Final Verdict:

DEWALT is already one of the best portable band saw brands currently in the market. And it certainly justifies its fame with the DEWALT DWM120K Portable Band Saw Kit. This device will start to provide you outstanding performance from the day you take it out of the box.

The 10-amp motor is amazingly robust but quiet and it will never fail to make exact cuts. Overall, this model has a wide range of features and benefits which allows you to get your job done perfectly and has minimal faults. So this amazing band saw may be the perfect one for you and is obviously worth its price.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO – Best Band Saw for Woodworking

Are you looking for a band saw which will provide excellent service for the long term? The JET JWBS-14DXPRO is relatively a heavy duty one and is one of the most preferred by the woodworkers.

The days of adding a riser block are gone as this band saw comes with a large cast iron frame which increases the power of the device. This tool is ready to meet all your working expectations.

This machine use cast iron wheels instead of the aluminum ones. It also has excellent blade speeds: it works between 1500 and 3000 SFPM. This ensures the best possible results.

This device has a cutting capacity of 13.5 inches width and 12 inches height. This will enable you to cut large pieces of wood and do any type of re-sawing job too.

Wood working these days requires the heavy use of band saws. So the device should be able to tackle the toughest works like re-sawing.

The JWBS-14DXPR is especially designed to meet demanding needs of wood workers.

JWBS-14DXPRO model is unique from other models because of its versatility and performance. It is made of a huge cast iron frame. This is well reputed for its reliable and precise features. This model is a complete package of some amazing features.

This band saw from JET comes with a lot more wonderful features and benefits. Now let us look at the details of this wonderful device.

JET JWBS-14DXPRO – Best 14 Inch Bandsaw Features

High Cutting Capacity

We use different types and sizes of woods while wood working. So the materials may vary by shape, size and textures. This model has a cutting capacity of 13.5 inches of width and 12 inches of height.

There is a built-in retractable blade guard too which helps the movement of 0 to 12. This is another noticeable feature. This means that both small and large tasks can be done by using this amazing tool.

Cast Iron Frame

The JET JWBS-14DXPRO brand is well known for its durable tool designs. This band saw from JET enables you to cut wood materials easily with affecting the quality of cutting as it features a tough and massive cast iron frame and band saw reviews fine woodworking.

It also has wonderful blade speed, 1500/3000 SFPM. This tool is equipped with a 1.25 HP motor too which can hold vibrations effectively. The frame has also been redesigned newly and it enables you to complete the most difficult re-sawing jobs in minimal time.

Stand Enclosed

There is a rare quality in this band saw as one of the best cutting tools which is, a stand is enclosed with this device. You can keep track of almost all the materials using this feature.

You can understand its usefulness when extra mess is reduced because of the stand which is a handy storage shelf. Not only this, there is also an easy access door which helps you to grab essential things quickly and resume the task.

Incredible Design

This band saw is designed in such a way that it could meet most of the requirements of a modern day woodworker. As woodworking has become a lot more complex, this tool is equipped with a lot of features which suits the needs of woodworkers.

The cast iron frame help to provide increased power supply and there are a number of re-saw applications which can be used with ease and comfort. The high tension spring design and other amazing features make this band saw a really distinct one.


The safety is one of the most important features which should be considered while using a band saw. As this one is a feature-rich product, it has efficient poly-v belt drive systems which ensures quicker results.

It will also provide you with greater control of two speeds. It also features a quick release blade which leads to convenient adjustments, flexibility and pace. This band saw also has rack and pinion adjustments.

This leads to greater accuracy and safety too. The spinning blades in a band saw may be sometimes be extremely dangerous. This device has an easy-to-view blade tracking window which makes sure you are in maximum safety.


  • Blade suitable for cutting any types of wood
  • There will be no mistakes while cutting wood as the tracking windows will show you everything.
  • Made of cast iron, so it ensures a long life even after heavy use.
  • It is very easy to set up
  • 5 years lengthy warranty
  • This band saw occupies very minimal space


  • The fence should be purchased separately, so extra cost.
  • The band saw can cut only tight curves and straight lines
  • You may face problems with wrong cuts when the table is not polished.

For whom it is:

This model from JET features a wonderful combination of benefits and features which make this band saw really an ideal machine. Though there are a couple of disadvantages too, this device is a great deal as it is very useful. This amazing model from JET may be a perfect addition to your workshop and it will be definitely worth your money.

Feature at a Glance:

  • It has 13” cutting capacity
  • Super operating speed: 1445 – 2950 ft. per minute
  • Elegant design
  • Performs through cast iron frame
  • Easy view window
  • Advanced safety features

Final Thought:

This amazing model from JET can be used for both heavy duty tasks and delicate tasks too. This is one of the most amazing cutting tools which is packed of amazing features and benefits.

Overall, this machine is very useful and is obviously worth its price. If you choose this one for your workshop, it will become one of your favorite tools in woodworking in a short time.

POWERTEC BS900 – Best Benchtop Bandsaw

Are you searching for an affordable bench top band saw which will suit your household woodworking needs? THE POWERTEC BS900 band saw is renowned for its excellence in its performance.

This model is one of the most powerful band saws in the market currently with a deep throat. It is nine inches deep, so you can work on small and lighter projects like as cutting light materials. It also enables up to eight inches cutting depth.

The motor of this band saw has the capacity to perform at 1/2 horsepower, 2.5 amp with 1725RPM. This power is enough to work on most materials like as thinner wood or plastic. This model from POWERTEC also features a blade tracking window feature.

There is a window which enables you to keep track of your performance and the status of the device.

Customers usually like band saws which are highly convenient and flexible. You will also desire a device which comes from a brand which is reputed for its quality and reliability.

The POWERTEC BS900 offers many exciting unique features and it is a cost-effective band saw as well. This device has a greater control on the tasks which reduces chances of mistakes.

It has a compact design which allows you to fit this machine anywhere you wish to. If you are a beginner of woodworking, no other model could be better than this. Let us look at some of the features of this amazing band saw model from POWERTEC.

This band saw features many more amazing function like as lock feature, durability, easy maintenance etc. So now let us have a look at the details of the features and benefits of this machine.

POWERTEC BS900 Bench Top Bandsaw Review

Motor Size

Light and small are the perfect words to describe this model of band saw. This model from POWERTEC is capable of working at 1/2 horsepower at 2.5 amps with 1725 RPM.

This makes it a great machine while working with lighter materials like thin wood and plastic. You may face a little difficulty while cutting materials but except this, it is a great one. The motor of this device makes almost no noise so it provides you a pleasant working environment.

Great for Beginners

This model is so easy to operate that it is really a great one for people who just started using a band saw. The POWERTEC BS900 is one of the best machines to start with for beginners.

Most specialists recommend this tool for starters and most of them had a very pleasant experience using this device. So, if you are a beginner, you must go for this amazing model.

Efficient Blades

When you will see the band saw operate, you may discover that the blade rotation is quite low. But this does not stop the device from making accurate cuts.

There is no tough options like many other band saws which are designed for heavy tasks. There are patented quick release levers blade guard adjustments too which helps to maintain your tool easily.


There is a 9 inch throat which you can use to cut small panels and boards. You may underestimate its power, but it is able to suit your home projects perfectly.

This amazing model of band saw from POWERTEC ensures that your task is done precisely and without any kind of faults. The 3.5 inch cutting depth is also sufficient to perform small tasks.

Though the 9 inch throat cannot achieve the biggest cut, you can do most of your household woodwork with this band saw. You can also tilt this tool up to 45 degrees because of the amazing pinion and table having rack adjustments. This feature allows you to make cuts very easily and comfortably.

Security Features

POWERTEC is one of the most popular brands of band saws available in the market. So the brand takes security issues very importantly. There is a keyed switch which prevents the band saw from turning on automatically.

So you have no fear that the band saw will turn on by itself. It will start working only after you press the keyed switch. This tool also features a blade tracking window which allows you to monitor the blade while operating the device. All these safety features in this band saw helps to protect the device and yourself while operation.


  • Blade tracking and tension work really well
  • Durability
  • Lightweight device, so easy to carry.
  • Easy to set up
  • Can be tilted up to 45 degrees
  • Has an aluminum die cast table


  • The blade length is a little odd, so it may be difficult to find extra ones.
  • Heavy duty work cannot be done

For whom:

This band saw is really a great one for beginners who have little or no experience of using these types of tools before. It is also an ideal tool for people who have woodworking as their hobby and want a band saw which is amazing and affordable at the same time.

It is a quiet cutting tool which helps to protect your hearing too. As this machine features a 9 inch throat which can be used to make quality and precise cuts without any faults, it can be used by various types of woodworkers.

Bottom Line

This band saw from POWERTEC features some great benefits and it is a delight for beginners. POWERTEC is a brand which manufactures high quality tools which are affordable at the same time and this model is no exception. Its affordability and durability is guaranteed to please any user.

If you are searching for a band saw which is lightweight and to use for your household woodwork, this band saw may be a perfect assistant for your domestic tasks.

Most experts recommend this product to those who require light and basic woodworks. So, if you are a starter, this machine can be an ideal addition to your workshop.

SKIL 3386-01 – Best Cheap Bandsaw

The SKIL 3386-01 2.5-Amp band saw has some really wonderful features which ensure a steady and clean performance. It features a rip fence which makes sure that the cuts are as accurate and straight as possible.

It has a flexible LED light too which makes it easier to operate in dark locations. This band saw is a revolutionary one when it comes to ripping off the lumber into thinner pieces and smoothening irregular shapes. The most important benefit is, the starters can use this to their benefit as the LED light is very important while working in workshops.

Whether you are a professional wood worker or a person who have wood working as a hobby, one of the most useful tools that you must own is a band saw. It should be flexible, powerful, compact and efficient too.

So are you looking for a device which can assist you in tearing lumber to thinner prices and cutting irregular shapes? The SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9-Inch Band Saw may be considered.

It has a 6-TPI blade which will allow you to cut many types of wood. This amazing device features a pinion and rack adjustable table which enables you to make height and angle changes very quickly.

There is a blade tracking window too which allows to align the blade easily. This band saw has many more features and benefits like as a miter gauge, rip fence, LED light, dust port and many more.

SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp 9 Inch Best Value Bandsaw Review

Want to know detailed features of this product? Read on.…..

Superior Blades

One of the most important things which we consider while buying a band saw is the quality of blades. This model features a 6-TPI blade which will allow you to cut various types of wood.

The quality also very high so they will be able to last for a long time. So they will also wear less even after heavy usage. The dimension of the blades is normal, so you have the freedom to buy according to your choice.

This means that they are quite available in the market too. So you don’t have the harassment of finding out extra blades. Superior quality blades and easy replacement make this model really a wonderful one.

High Power Motor

This band saw features a 1 speed mechanism with SKIL 3386-01 2.5 Amp, 120 Volts. These configurations make this tool versatile for cutting metals or wood. This also allows you to make precise cuts and curves very easily and quickly too.

Deep Capacity of Cutting

As this device is 9 inches, it can cut 3.5 inches wood planks very smoothly. It can also pass easily through an 11/2” by 6” of tough ironwood without any fuss.

This tool can be used to cut through smaller wood stocks from 3.5 inches each. These details means that this band saw can has a really great cutting capacity.

LED Light

This band saw from SKIL has a precision guided LED light which ensures that your work doesn’t get interrupted by shortage of lights. So this tool is really great for working in darker locations like as places where there is low power supply.

Smart Features

The dimensions of this band saw make it a very appealing and compact tool. It features a wide table space which allows to work with any size of materials. There is a easy flexible and adjustable pinion and rack table with 45 degrees range.

This ensures more precision and easy height adjustments too. This device also features rubber based holders to allow pressing down on the working piece of wood or metal. There is also a dust port which makes sure that your working area is always clean and tidy.

Rip Fence

This model from SKIL features a rip fence to provide you with accurate and smooth cuts. It also makes sure that you do not cross the lines while cutting. So this feature helps you to cut and make curves on wood and metals without any flaws.

Features at a Glance:

  • Superior blades
  • Smooth cutting
  • Flexible LED light
  • Miter guide, this enables exact measurement of woods.
  • 1.5” long dust port which helps to keep the surrounding area clean


  • Blade guide which helps you with depth settings and adjustments
  • Miter gauge
  • Versatility
  • Highly powerful though it is compact and lightweight
  • Blades can be changed easily
  • Low noise and vibration


  • Some parts are made of plastic, so they could break anytime.
  • Cannot cut materials deeper than 3.5 inches

For whom

The SKIL 3386 is a band saw which is suitable for people who do not prefer large powerful cutting tools. This is really a great one for beginners as it is very easy and simple to use.

As this is flexible enough to carry around, it can be also used by professionals for all lightweight jobs. Here is a small list of people for whom this device is a great one:

  • Shop owners and wood cutters
  • Construction workers
  • Carpenters
  • Woodworking hobbyists


Skill is a renowned brand which provides the most affordable and worthy band saws and the SKIL 3386 9 Inch Band Saw is no exception. This tool really has a very little room for improvement and is a very feature packed device. Its versatility, affordability make this one a great one for day to day light use.

You may consider this model as an assistant to your light woodwork at home or workshop without any hesitation. If you decide to choose this amazing band saw, it will never fail to impress you with its incredible features and performance too.

This model is a CSA listed device which comes with a three year manufacturer warranty too. It has gained huge popularity among the consumers by now. The combinations of its features and benefits make this device a really wonderful one.

Overall this band saw is great for beginners and for people who have a limited space. This amazing band saw will be absolutely worth your money and be a perfect appliance for your woodworks.

What is a Band Saw?

A band saw is a powerful saw which features a toothed metal strip. It moves in a continuous loop around two-three wheels. These are usually used in woodworking shops to make straight or curved cuts. Not only wood, these can also be used to cut metals and other objects too.

The wider blades are used for straight cuts and the thinner ones are for curved designs. These saws are one of the most versatile saws and are very useful for making magnificent designs on furniture.

Types of Band Saws

There are various types of band saws available in the market. But the purpose is same for all models. Their job is to cut down larger pieces of materials into smaller pieces. Want to know about the different types of band saws?

Timber Cutting

Timber band saws are widely used in wood mills as they can cut large pieces of timber with minimal wastage. The cutting size of these devices is small compared to other cutting tools. The smaller cutting size helps to save materials. This is another main reason for the popularity of these machines in woodworking shops.

Metal Cutting

Metal cutting band saws are available in two designs: horizontal and vertical. These devices contain bush wheels or brush which makes sure that metal do not get stuck between the blades during cutting.

Meat Cutting

These band saws are specially designed to cut down meat. They are made of stainless steel because it ensures maximum durability and easy clean up. The blades have heat treated tips which helps to cut the toughest meat piece with ease.

Head Saws

These are the biggest saws available in the market and are ideal for making precise cuts in a log. This type of band saw has silver teeth. The tooth space on the blade is about 50-75 mm. The silver teeth are not used for cutting but they wipe silvers out of the path, when a cutting blade requires to retreat from the cut.


The re-saws are especially designed to cut wood and large sections of veneer. These devices have 50-75 mm tooth space and small cutting size. This helps to cut down huge sections of timber and veneer into small parts with the minimum wastage.

How to Use a Band Saw?

When you see an expert using a band saw, it is normal to think that “Oh, so easy!” But when using one, you will realize that some skill and finesse is required.

One of the most difficult parts of operating a band saw is figuring out the proper tension of the blades. This may vary between the models, the material of the blades and the density of the material you are cutting.

However, bimetal, spring-steel, and carbide-tipped blades are much stronger than carbon-steel blades, so manufacturers recommend a much higher tension: 25,000 psi to 30,000 psi. Why do band saw blades need so much tension? For beam strength. The tighter the blade is stretched, the more rigid it becomes and the lower tendency it will have to deflect in the cut.”

So always make sure that you have figured out the exact tension before cutting materials.

Advantages of Using Band Saws

There are various benefits of using a band saw. The advantages are greater than any other cutting tool. The other devices are not near the performance level of the popular band saws. Want to know all the advantages of using this type of saw?


Band saws feature many exciting features such as miter gauge, rip fence and many more. These help you to make straight cuts. But while making cross or straight cuts with other devices, you need to be very focused and careful. So it is a bit difficult to use other cutting tools.

Multiple Uses

Most of the cutting tools are designed to cut a particular kind of material. But band saws are especially made for cutting different types of stuff like as wood, metal and many more.

Precise Finish

The results which are achieved from band saws are far better than other types of saws.

The main reason for the huge difference between other tools and band saws is the blades. Band saws use high quality blades with blade tracking adjustment, dual bearing blade guide rollers and many more advanced features. This helps you to achieve a precise finish.

Lower Waste

The most important benefit of using a band saw is the reduction in wastage. They have a small cutting size than other devices which leads to lower wastage.

The usual tools have wider blades but band saws feature thinner blades. Wider blades eat more material than narrow blades, so it leads to a lot of wastage.


There are some band saw models which are portable. They are very compact and lightweight. It makes the device convenient and you can use it anywhere anytime.

Other saws are usually very bulky, so it is extremely difficult to transfer them. But the portable band saws make it easy for you to move from one place to another.

Things to Consider While Buying a Best  BandSaw

Before you head towards a shop to purchase a band saw, there are a lot of factors you should consider. The tips below will help you to find the ideal device for you.

Quality is the Most Important

When buying a product, the quality of the good is the most important factor. So when you buy a band saw, you should prefer one which is made of superior quality materials. So you must check out the quality of some important parts such as wheels, frame, table etc. if these components are of low quality, then it will affect your whole band saw.

Frame Quality

The most important feature of a band saw is the frame because it provides the prime support for the whole device. So if you purchase a cheap frame, you will have a crappy band saw. So you should always prefer to buy a frame which is made of cast iron, welded steel or die cast as these frames are heavy as well as strong.

Wheels Weight

The internal wheels of a band saw are made of either cast iron or aluminum. The aluminum ones are much lighter than cast iron wheels. But it is better to purchase a model with heavier wheels because the heavyweight wheels will help to keep the tool in motion for a long time. So you can also experience a constant cutting experience.

Dust Ports

It is advised by experts that you should purchase a model which features an inbuilt dust port. This ensures that the working area remains free of dust. If your preferred model doesn’t have a dust port, you should additionally buy one. A band saw without a dust port cannot provide smooth performance as the dust and debris will affect the performance of the band saw.

Teeth Per Inch

Another small but important thing you should consider is, the measurement of teeth per inch. There are various types of blades in band saws. If you need finer cuts, you will require more teeth on the blade. If you cut curves on a thin piece of wood, you will have to choose a narrower blade. But if you prefer coarse cuts, you have to select blades with less teeth per inch.

Setting Up Your Band Saw

The first thing you should do is to set up the tool properly. Then you have to check all the components like as: the wheels are appropriately placed or not. If they are not properly fitted, you can never achieve the perfect results even from the best bandsaw.

Maintenance Tips

If you want your band saw to provide a service to you for a long time, you must maintain it properly. The device should be cleaned at regular intervals. It will prevent dust and debris affecting your tool performance. Some of the useful clean up tips are mentioned below.

Remove Debris

First unplug the tool and then clean all the debris on the band saw. You may use an air compressor or blower to remove all the debris on the device.

Remove Dirt and Rust

The next step is to remove all the dirt and rust from the band saw. You may take a piece of steel and then dip it in a liquid rust remover. Now just rub the steel on the table. After you have completing the rubbing process, take a clean cloth and wipe it on your table. Remember, never use any cleaning solution. It may damage your tool.

Apply Wax

Now remove the blades from the band saw and then apply a coat of wax with a cloth on the table. Then clean the blades by repeating the process which you used to remove dirt and rust from the device.

Clean the Band Saw

Now you are on the last stage of cleaning your band saw. After you finish changing the blades, you should clean up the areas which hold the blades such as, the wheels. You can spray some resin remover on the wheels and then thoroughly clean it with a wire brush.

The band saws are mainly used for cutting irregular shapes and sharp curves like as cabriole legs and many others. It can be also used to cut huge lumber pieces into thinner parts. As this tool has multiple features, it has become immensely popular among woodworkers.

This device is undoubtedly the best choice for cutting shapes or materials. You may ask, how can you choose the best one? The best answer is, the more you pay, the higher quality you will get. But there are some models which offer all types of benefits and features at a minimum price. If you follow the buying guide above and explore many reviews before purchasing a band saw, it is not so difficult to choose the right and best band saw for you.

How To Maintain Your Band Saw?

If you are a professional woodworker or a person who have woodworking as a hobby, a band saw is one of the most important tools which you own in your workshop.

But have you ever thought that your favorite cutting tool needs maintenance and care too? Your band saw is a machine which requires maintenance just like your car. If you do not maintain the device properly, its performance may not be as expected and it may also break down very soon.

If you maintain and care for your band saw from the very beginning, it can decrease stress, cost and increase productivity too. On the other hand, early maintenance can also improve the life of the blades of the band saw.

Maintenance of this popular cutting tool prevents worn out blades, overheated blades, internal damage, premature failure of the blades and many more. Now you might have learned the importance of maintaining and caring for your band saw.

If you want your band saw to work smoothly and properly, there are some tasks which you must do to maintain it. So now let us know about the ways in which we can care for your favorite cutting tool in your workshop.

There are so many ways of maintaining your ban saw. But it is very difficult to take out the time to care for the tool in a number of ways. So let us find out the three top methods in which you can look after the device.

Take care of the wheels

If you want a service from your band saw for a long time, you should always ensure the accuracy and life of the blades. But it may be nearly impossible to maintain the both with worn-out wheels.

If the wheels are out of shape, it will affect the blade life and accuracy of the tool. Wheels with shoulders may rub against the blade which can worsen its life. So if you can give time to the wheels on a weekly basis, it will be great for your band saw.

Give Attention to the Chip Brush

According to most woodworkers, the chip brush is one of the most neglected part of a band saw. But this is really very useful to keep your device in good working order. If you do not see a chip brush or it is not working, then the chips are not taken out from the throat of the blade.

In this case, when you will use the blade next time, all chips would be built up so there will be no space for more chips. This will result in lifting up of the blade from the material.

So the device cannot cut wood or metal efficiently. This will lead to increased risk of tooth damage and lower quality cuts. So always make sure that you spend enough time for the chip brush of your band saw.

Look after carbide guide

If you want to add life to your band saw blade, taking care of carbide guide is a great idea. If the carbide guides starts to wear, it will lead to premature blade breakage and increased resistance. So don’t forget to give time to the carbide guides of your favorite cutting tool!

We knew about the three tips above to care for a band saw, but are they enough? The woodworking experts don’t think so. They also concentrate on cleaning too. As band saws get dirty in many ways while daily tasks, it is very important to clean your tool too. Let us also know some of the quick cleaning tips below:

The table of a band saw gets rusty and dirty very often. This may slow down the speed of the device. So cleaning the tool regularly may protect you from many problems. For cleaning the table you may:

Take a steel wool and then dip it in a rust remover. This will help to remove all the rust. For cleaning carbon dust and dirt, you may use a clean piece of cloth. In case of blade cleaning, use some rust remover on the blade.

It will help to remove all rust from the blades which will also help to improve the speed and efficiency of your band saw. And remember, never use any type of cleaning solvents which may damage your band saw.

Other Tips

When you finish cleaning the band saw table, you may also use some car wax to make it even more clean. Never forget to wear gloves while cleaning the blades of the tool. Always make sure the machine is turned off before you start to clean your band saw. If you want to clean other parts too, you should use a resin remover and wire brush as they are suitable for this use.

As you have learned about the important maintenance and cleaning tips, just remember these quick and simple tips. These hacks must have provided you a little knowledge about band saw care.

So now you should spend some time on your weekends for the maintenance of your favorite cutting tool. It may be a bit taxing for you at first, but always remember: the more you care for your band saw, the greater life and efficiency you will get. So don’t forget to clean and maintain your woodworking assistant once a week!

How to Set Up your Band Saw?

The band saws are one of the most popular tools among professional woodworkers and hobbyists too. These are also the safer and versatile woodworking tools too. You can use a band saw to make cross cuts, round, semi-round cuts, ripping cuts and many more.

But when you buy a new one for your workshop, setting up the device is one of the most important steps to achieve the best cuts and to extend the life of the blades as well as the whole device too.

Many of us face difficulties while setting up a new band saw. We have to consider a number of things while setting up a band saw like as the table, guide post, blades, fences, bottom guides etc. To make your task easier, we have made a brief set up guide for you.


You should always ensure that the table is leveled and flat at the same time. You may check this with a straight and level edge. The table should also be square to the blade and always use an accurate square to check this. If your table is not 90 degrees, you can adjust it by the trunnions which are placed under the table.

When they are loosened, the table can be moved from square to any angle you require. Some band saws also feature a bolt along with a lock nut under the table. You can use this to maintain the table square by adjusting the bolt.

The column table slot contains a bolt which screws till the end of the slot and you must remove this while changing the blades. When you replace the bolt, it helps to level the table. Another thing to note, the table insert should be a little low at the front and slightly higher at the back.

On the other hand, the table should also have clearance to the blade. When it comes to the insert, you may use thin ply. The ply will not lead to any scratch marks on the blade and it’s very easy to change and affordable too.

Guide Post

The guide bearing, blade guard and the thrust bearing too should obviously fitted to the post. The blade guard is also very important in case of safety of the band saws and it should be always connected to the post.

There are two sides of the top guide assembly and they can be adjusted backwards and forwards to allow various sizes of blades. The guides are usually made of metal which helps to generate friction and heat.

If it makes contact with the teeth, it may also cause a damage to an expensive blade. You can also use cool or wooden blocks as they have a dry lubricant. You can adjust them so that they are in the surrounding area of the blade. It helps to provide better support to the blade and it will not increase heat or noise.

Bottom Guides

Most good quality band saws feature bottom guides. There are two types of bottom guides. Some of them can be adjusted while some are fixed to the main frame. You should always adjust the bottom guides to ensure the efficiency of the band saw.

There are some guides which are placed on a shaft and it can be removed from a band saw. You can also turn the guide to place the guide rollers on the top. This will help to increase the beam support as the distance between the rollers will be decreased.


The blade selection can itself be a single topic of writing! There are various types of blades from 6 mpm 25 mpm with 1.5 Teeth per Inch (T.P.I) to 12 T.P.I. You can use large blades with lower T.P.I. to cut dense woods deeply while the smaller blades with more T.P.I. can be used for curved and fine cuts.

When you set up the blades, you can adjust the top wheel to center on the wheel. After setting up the top and bottom guides, the matter of tensioning comes. This is the most important factor which may affect a band saw’s performance. You can use error and trial until you reach the tension for each blade which suits you.

Some band saws feature tension scales but they may not be accurate. They can be only used as a guide to work till 50mm thickness. These are very advanced setting though, so it’s enough for you to remember the key point: large blade for deep cutting and the smaller blades for fine and curved cutting.


The most fences provided with band saws are not attached to the table. Sometimes we also find out that the fence is not square too. So you can solve this problem by attaching a plywood fence to the ready-made fence.

If your fence is not square sized, you can also use cardboard, paper or sandpaper behind the fence and then fix them to the supplied fence with the aid of screws.

Now you may think that working with a band saw is quite tough, but once you learn these set up tricks and discover yourself too, you will be able to find out that a band saw is an awesome assistant for your woodwork!

Safety Tips You Must Know While Using Band Saws

Band saws are one of the most popular tools of the professional wood workers and also for people who have wood working as a hobby. This can never be said that there is no chance of being injured or hurt while using these cutting tools. You should not start to work with these type of devices without knowing about the safety precautions.

All types of band saws have a vertical thin blade for re-sawing, cutting curves, making deep cuts and for many other uses. So if you become careless while using these tools, you may hurt yourself with the sharp blades or any other parts of the device. So we should all know the basic safety rules of using a band saw at least.

Below there are some important safety regulation which professional and hobbyists must know about:

Use Safety Glasses

Wearing safety glasses is a must for all types of band saw users, especially beginners. You should always choose the glasses which have a face or side shield. If you forget or ignore to use, it may be harmful to your eyes as wood particles can enter your eye while cutting.

On the other hand, you should also care for your ears. The best thing you can do is, wear sufficient hearing protection while woodworking.

Check the Band Saw Before Cutting

A band saw has many wheels and blocks in order to maintain a correct position right through the cut. According to recommendation of the manufacturers, these parts may often tear and wear.

So it is very important to check the band saw regularly before checking. If you do not look after your band saw properly, the blade may break prematurely and many other problems may arise too. Another thing may cause damage to the blade guards: unnecessarily increasing blade tension and placing it too high.

So you should keep the guards at a certain distance from the stock in order to achieve the maximum accuracy and efficiency.

Make Safe Stock Cuts

You should always wait unless the motor of the band saw acquires full speed before beginning any cut. This is to be applied for all types and brands of band saws.

Usually, you should lay the stock flat against the table while cutting. When you require an angle cut or a consistent-width rip, then the miter gauge or a rip fence will assist the cutting process. This ensures accuracy as well as safety too.

Keep Hands Away:

Everybody cannot make precise cuts with a band saw as it requires a lot of time and dedication. Though these devices are said to be the safest of all cutting tools, it is a machine after all.

So you can be hurt or injured if you don’t use it in the proper way. So you should keep your hands at least three inches far from the blade. And your hands should be on each sides of the stock.

This makes the blade tension easier. If you keep your hands directly on the cutting line, it can be such a danger situation for you. Another thing happens quite often: We push our thumbs towards the blade while clearing small pieces while the movement of the blades. But it is strongly recommended not to push thumbs towards the blade of your band saw.

These are the basic rules which you should follow to use your band saw safely. But there are also some other precautions which you should obey to avoid any kind of injury. Some of them are given below:

  • Never cut stock which is not with a flat bottom without a jig.
  • Never back out of a curve, especially when the machine is running.
  • You should decrease the feed pressure when you reach the last stage of cutting.
  • Turn off the band saw before changing the blades.
  • If the blades break while in operation, do not open the machine until it has fully stopped.
  • Make sure that the working area is in contact with the table at the point where the blade is.
  • You should remove all types of jewelry, tie up long hair and secure loose clothing before you start working with a band saw.
  • If the blade breaks accidentally, it can fly in the right side. So never stand on the right side of the band saw.
  • Never try to clean a band saw while it is in operation.

Always remember, do everything possible to protect yourself. Sometimes you may use your common sense too in some cases like as: do not move your eyes from the tool even if someone tries to divert your mind from working.

If you mix these rules and regulations and common sense together, there will be almost no risk of injuries. Now go use your band saw safely and never worry about accidents!

Troubleshooting Band Saws

Band saws are a part and parcel of professional wood workers as well as hobbyists too. These devices can be a little harassing at times but if you know how to treat them correctly, then the performance of your tool will be better than any other saws.

Sometimes we face problems while cutting straight lines with this machine. This may happen because of a minor problem related to tracking, tension or blades. So why go to the mechanic for a small cause?

You can troubleshoot it yourself at your workshop or home! So let us know some of the problems of band saws and how could you fix it yourself. Read on.…

Blade Tension

You can troubleshoot the problems related with tension by drawing a line on a piece of strap wood. First turn on the saw and then try to cut along the line. If you face any problem following the blade or line, then your blade may be too loose. Then switch off the band saw and locate a big knob which is usually located on the top of the tool.

It helps to tighten the blade and it is exactly the same knob which is used to replace or remove the blade. Now turn the knob a few times clockwise. You can also test the blade brightness by cutting along the line.

If the problem of the blade continues, turn it some more times but counterclockwise. And then test the band saw again. You can repeat the process unless the knob becomes hard and stiff to turn without force, you can follow the line smoothly etc.


If the machine continues wandering forwards and backwards even after changing blades, adjusting tension, the blade guides may be set too high. Then you may try locating a pair of ball-baring guides on the blade through which the blade passes through.

There is also a knob on the right side of the guide which enables it to move upwards and downwards along the blade. Now you can put the piece of scrap wood on the side of the blade. Now turn counterclockwise the knob located on the side of the guide. Continue turning until the guide with bearings becomes loose.

Then move the guide up/down until the guide is 3-4 inch vertically distant from the wood. Don’t forget to tighten the knob to make sure that it has been locked in its place.

Now you may switch on the band saw and start to cut along the line. The blade must cut straightly if you have installed a new blade and adjusted the tension. If the ball-bearing guide do not interfere with the wood or if you can still see the point where the blade contacts the wood, adjust the guides even lower.

Dull Blades

If you made sure that you have tightened your band saw blade the machine should work efficiently. But if it still wanders, you may have a dull blade. You can test the sharpness of the blade by cutting a scrap wood.

If you see that you have to apply extra force to push the wood through the blade, then it is understood that the blade is dull. Then turn off the band saw and allow it to stop. If the teeth has been burnt with dark tips, then you should change the blades. You cannot see the burnt teeth always. Burns can occur because the blade has hit a staple, nail, screw etc.

Then the teeth will seem blunted or curved. In this case too, the blade should be replaced. You should always follow the manual of your band saw for replacement of a dull blade with a new one.


You should sometimes turn on the band saw and examine the blade as if it travels down through the slot on the table top. The blade must be centered in the slot. If you see that the blade is too front or back or even rubs, the you will understand that it is off-track. So it needs adjustment.

First locate a big knob at the back of the saw centered on the wheel housing. This should be located at eye level. The function of this knob is to control the tilt of the wheel.

You should keep the saw switched on to make this adjustment. Then turn the wheel one-half turn clockwise in order to move the blade back in the slot. You should keep watch on the blade while turning the wheel.

If it does not move, turn another half-turn unless the blade centers in the slot. If you see that the blade moves too much backwards, then turn the knob counterclockwise in order to move it forward. You should continue turning the knob 1/4 at once to adjust the position until the blade centers and sticks there.

Dirty Wheel

If you have already adjusted the tracking but if still the blade is not centered inside the slot, it means that the wheels are dirty. It depends upon the materials you cut. Like as if you cut pine, the sawdust combines with resin and then sticks to the blade.

Then you will have to clean the blade. The sticky sawdust packs on the wheel resulting in a buildup. It results in wandering of the blade backwards and forwards in the slot. If you have completed the tracking and even if the blade does not center, switch off the band saw.

Then remove the blade and use a knife to clean packed dirt, sawdust or grime, continue cleaning the wheel until it is fully cleaned up. Then you should wipe the blade and place it. Now turn on the saw and adjust the tracking again. Now the blade will obviously center and stay in its place.

Now you may have known about the basic troubleshooting of your favorite wood working partner: your band saw! So you don’t have to rush to the mechanic frequently. Now you can solve the minor problems of this tool yourself! Now troubleshoot your device and own an efficient, clean cutting tool like a brand new one!

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